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Burns heal by replacing as well as growing the damaged layer of skin. There are tissues in wound that start dehydrating as well as contracting leading to the formation of Contractures. It is important for you to know that contractures might lead to restriction of the movement if it is occurs on a joint. In addition, it might also cause unattractive appearance of the affected area because of the pulling of the surrounding area or healthy tissues. It might take a year or twenty four months for the maturation of the new skin. The burn marks can affect the self confidence of a person to a great extent especially when they occur on face or any other such part. Burns might lead to different deformities such as keloid scars, contractures/ burn deformities and hypertrophic scars.

Following are the causes of burns.

  1. Light - Intense light, for example.
  2. Chemical - for instance, strong alkalis and strong acids.
  3. Thermal - for example - hot objects, hot liquids, flame and steam.
  4. Radiation - for example - ultraviolet light

Are you wondering about the diverse treatment for burns? Read on. Treatment of deformities and burn scars is performed for several reasons including aesthetic reasons. In addition, burn surgery is also performed for functional as well as reconstructive reasons. Contractures as well as Keloids not only look ugly and unattractive but they can also limit your movement if they are on joint surface, hand or mouth. When you decide to undergo burn surgery then not only you get better look but also there is improvement in your movement. Dr. Ajaya Kashyap is one name you can bank upon when considering undergoing burn surgery. It his years of experience and expertise that lets him provide candidates with the best of the treatment. He makes sure that candidates are able to get satisfactory results.

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